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Q&A: Massachusetts State Senator Becca Rausch on the Election, Mail-in Voting and Trump

Over the course of 12 episodes for America the Voiceless, Associate Editor Maria Elena Perez and I spoke to dozens of guests about the hurdles faced by millions of people hoping to exercise their voting rights. Many spoke of the blatant examples of voter suppression currently at play in the U.S. and how they’re fighting to make their voices heard.

In our final episode –– just a day after Election Day –– we caught up with six previous guests to learn about their voting experiences and their thoughts on President Donald Trump’s false claims of voter fraud. While the results of the presidential race weren’t clear that day, many of our guests told us they were optimistic for the future.

We also got to chat with Massachusetts state Senator Becca Rausch, a progressive Democrat who appeared back in our first episode. Senator Rausch gave us a glimpse of her Election Day, why she thinks Trump is denigrating the office of the president and who she believes are the true heroes of this election cycle.

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