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Nikki Rojas

Journalist and Podcast Host

Nikki Rojas is a journalist and podcast host on the hunt for her next big story. 

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You can see my articles and stories in YES! Magazine, The North Star, MTV News, Newsweek, International Business Times UK, GlobalPost, IHS Jane's Defense Weekly and the Long Island Post.

Pero Make It Newsy

Pero Make It Newsy is a weekly newsletter by, for and all about women. Nikki Rojas and Maria Elena Perez created Pero Make It Newsy as an inclusive publication that allows women and female-identifying people to finally take center stage.

You can subscribe to Pero Make It Newsy on Substack and have it delivered straight to your mailbox every Wednesday!


America the Voiceless

All Americans have a voice, but too many Americans face roadblocks when it comes to casting their vote. People who are waiting to become naturalized citizens, people who are undocumented, people who were once incarcerated and so many others are forced to watch from the sidelines as their fellow Americans vote in the next election. The hosts of this podcast, Maria Elena Perez and Nikki Rojas, speak to lawmakers, historians, non-profit leaders and everyday people to unpack the barriers many Americans have to overcome to make sure their voices are heard during the voting process. 


America the Voiceless is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.  

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